Notting Hill

Since its establishment in 1999, the Notting Hill brand has

been committed to the dissemination of modern

high-qualityEuropean lifestyles...


In the RONG series of walnut wood products, walnut wood is our source of inspiration. It has a unique wood texture and warm color,which perfectly shows the beauty and elegance of nature. Whether it is furniture, tableware or decorations, RONG series of walnut products will bring you a fascinating natural style.


With a different perspective on the vintage trend, the vintage flavor is brought into the modern space. Breaking the routine and showing creativi-ty, the vitality is released between the curves and the personality is eternal in the colors. The ideal of life on the other side spreads out like a ripple, time passes, but the style lives on.

Collection City of Romance

The concept of the City of Romance originated in Paris.Because it is a city could be explored with five senses.A city that deserves to be savored.Feel the luxury of a lazy and elegant life.Enjoy the aesthetic enrichment of the soul.Notting Hill is inspired by Paris.
With the development of product design extended to American style / Italian style / new Oriental style, etc.Multiple styles of light luxury modern series of furniture.Here, the classical French style is updated by the modern lifestyle.The soulful elegance and refinement are preserved.condensed in each piece of our work.

Collection Ancient & Modern

It is a dialogue between classical and contemporary, stepping out of traditional Chinese culture and integrating traditional oriental aesthetics into modern life. The proportion and spiritual connotation of the design are taken from the classical Chinese furniture, but the complexity is reduced. The simple language of the design itself is elegant and dignified, just as the modern aesthetics. In the low-key interior atmosphere, each piece of furniture outlines the extraordinary taste and value of the space in a condensed and simple form.

Incorporating the essence of global culture
Notting Hill can manufacture products from customers through the drawing or photos, and following the requirements to pruduce the high-standard furniture.
Notting Hill develop more than 400+ new items every year and have new designs in showroom. Welcome to choose our new designs.